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    Compliance Policy Reports do not run in NPM



      I have a problem were any policy reports that I have in NCM can not be run in the NPM browser. If I try to update the reports from NPM, I consistently get a compliance cache generation error / failure. (The policy reports run fine under NCM Policy Reporter)


      I am running on the same server:

      NPM version 10.1.2

      NCM version 6.1


      Does anyone have any ideas as to what I need to do to get the policy report outputs to show up in the NPM WEB browser?

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          Chrystal Taylor

          Do you keep your NCM reports in the same reports folder as your NPM reports?  If they don't go to the same place, then you will have to specify the folder in the account management settings.  The last option in account management settings is for reports, and you would have to have the NCM reports sent to that same folder in order for them to be viewed in the reports section of your web browser.

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              I have searched my server but I do not find where Policy Reports from Orion Network Configuration Manager Policy Reporter are actual files that are saved on the server. I have created reports, policies and rules and searched for each item I have created and do not find them as a stored file on the server.


              I am familiar with NCM reports, located in

               \Program Files\SolarWinds\Configuration Management\Reports

              These reports are all  .ConfigMgmtReport


              I am also familiar with the NPM reports located in

              \Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports

              And these reports are all  .OrionReport


              Unless I am way off, I do not think the Policy Reporter saves the compliance reports the same way that Orion does the standard reports. The tools for creating compliance reports, policies and rules from the Orion WEB interface are in place and work, it is just when you run the report the results are supposed to be displayed from some sort of  policy cache that the system fails to create or update.


              If you have any additional information please respond back.



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              Second option:


              Yes, I know that happens from time to time and it would be nice if there was a timeout feature or fail out feature associated with it.  Here is how I clear it.


              1.  Log on to Solarwinds Server locally.

              2.  Start > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager

              3.  Add Server >> your Solarwinds Server

              4.  Expand the Database and scroll down to > NCMPolicyCache

              5.  Double click and "Execute Query"

              6.  Click the "Edit Table" button next to Execute Query

              7.  Right click on line entry and delete.

              8.  Run Configuration Wizard and select only the "Database Option"

              9.  You may need to bounce the server from time to time but should not be often.


              Or, if some smart programmer can come up with a script to do all this that would be great.