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    Methods for limiting views



      When we implemented Orion, I created a group for each of our sites (40+) that contained all of our devices at that location.  When I say devices, this group contains our network devices: Router, Switches, FW, access points...

      I have now discovered dependencies because we were tired of getting so many alerts when a circuit would go down and we would get alerts for the router and any devices behind it.

      At sites where we had multiple devices, I created a group and named it with the prefix _DEP so that we knew it was just a dependency group.

      My questions has to do with the Home page in Orion.  Is it possible to filter the All Groups list so that our groups with _DEP are not listed?  I think it will produce confustion with others if they see those.  Or, is there a better way to create these dependency groups or to do what we are trying to accomplish?

      thanks for your help.

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          Hi brewcity,

          I believe you have the right approach regarding the dependencies you want. There is no other way for you to limit the alerts constructively than by creating a group as a dependency, which is all the reason why SolarWinds created this feature. But with regards to the group not showing up on the All Groups view, its a great feature request as you can't do a filter right now with that view. Maybe you can try an Orion Report as an alternative? You can do some filtering there, although it's much less graphical, but you can have the status of each group displayed so it's worth a try.