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    A few questions for new install


      I just installed Solarwinds Virtualization Manager today and I'll admit, I'm a bit raw when it comes to some of the VMWare metrics.  I have a few questions from a first time user.


      Under the Storage Dashboard, all of the analytics are rendering correctly except the Top-N: VM Storage Consumed which I believe is using vm.totalStorageUsed.  The datastore information shows correctly with all of our SAN information.  I'm also seeing "No Matching VMs found" under Predicted VM Disk Depletion.

      Under the Administrator Dashboard, I am reviewing some of the pre-set alerts.  Under High VM CPU Utilization, I have a few VMs listed.  When I look deeper into the alert, I see a button that says Retrieve Top Consuming CPU Processes.  A note appears that says "Running on nameofserver" but then nothing happens from there.  How can I view these processes?  Most of our VMs are Linux, but there are a few windows and solaris. 

      Lastly, is there a user guide, how-to, or some kind of wiki for using this application?  Maybe a guide for dummies?  It seems very powerful and I'd like to put it to use, but aside from the default out of the box available items, I really do not know how to create my own queries, etc.