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    Solarwinds musical chairs...


      Alrighty so this is probably in the wrong place but I could not find the "whiners" forum.

      I have kept quiet about this but I now consider it a massive problem since it keeps getting worse and worse. So I will go into it here with a simple list.


      1) My rep's change every other day I no longer bother getting to know them it is useless, they might as well just introduce themselves with their employee number.

      2) The fact that I just had to say "rep's" instead of rep is ridiculous.

      3) If I need anything outside of support I have no idea who to go to.

      4) If I need help with support or escalation or the like I have no one to go to.  This is not only a HUGE issue it is very off putting and unprofessional.

      5) If I sneeze and it comes out with even one sound that's in the word purchase, I am besieged by an army of discount wielding minions who open field tackle me and give me wedgies until I promise to buy something.


      I just would like to have a single rep who I can contact for whatever  I need. Whether that be a hand with support issues (they do not even need to do anything just listen to me cry and tell me its going to be ok) or sales or even this sort of thing where I just want to lodge my complaints.

      The current system sends me running away screaming.  A this point I hate having to go through any process with SolarWinds that is not support or product development and the like.

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          This is an issue. Reps fighting over your purchase is not something you want to be a part of.

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            to add one positive note to sales it does seem like they are getting their email distros under control. I seem to no longer have my email address in their db as 14 unique addresses to send pitches to.

            so kudos there.

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              My rep's change every other day I no longer bother getting to know them it is useless, they might as well just introduce themselves with their employee number.

              I have also had this experience and frustration.  I have expressed my frustration with them on more than one occasion regarding this.

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                I feel your pain...I used to be employed by a company who was a Solarwinds Reseller....We gave up even trying to sell the product because clients were inundated by emails and reps hounding them. Occassionally we would download a 30 day trial to show the customers the value in the product and I would get besieged with dozens of emails even though we were the reseller.  At one point I talked to our partner rep and was told we could get the demos put on our partner page so we didnt need to register to download but that never actually happened.

                We completely gave up trying to sell the product and simply did consulting and setup of installations.

                The sales model is seriously flawed IMHO.  I am now at a new company implementing Solarwinds.  I downloaded a few free tools that I like to keep on my laptop.  Now I get daily emails to purchase APM and NPM among others even though we have the unlimitted licenses for each.  I don't want to unsubscribe because I do find the new product announcements to be valuable. 

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                    This is a chief complaint for us as well.

                    This really turns us off when considering SolarWinds.  Hounding is the key word here.  I certainly don't feel I am being helped.

                    Stop the automation!!!.  Can someone just look up our email address and see what we have before calling?  Or since I am already a customer, how about I call them if I have questions.  Or if they see an email from the same company, because someone else downloaded a trial, don't start calling them too.  SolarWinds spam is at least 10 time greater than any other company we do business with.

                    I have missed support calls because while waiting on a callback, I see the 512 number come in, I answer, and it is a salesperson!! They are obviously on commission, because they are very persistent (annoying ).  

                    Why can't we have someone call that knows our account, knows what we have at least, so we can feel somewhat of a business partner rather than throw us to the wolves.

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                        We hear you.  I'll make sure senior management in Marketing and Sales reads this thread.  We're a business, and we obviously have a strong incentive to market and sell our products, but we also don't want to annoy our customer base.  We do our best to balance it, but we're not perfect.  And we pride ourselves on listening to our customers, so the feedback is appreciated.

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                            This is a big complaint of ours as well.  Getting contacted by 10 different people through the year for different products doesn't help us or Solarwinds at all.

                            I recently replied to their e-mail trying to get us to try/purchase UDT and pointed out this very problem to them.  I got a reply from someone stating that due to complaints like ours, they were likely going to move to a dedicated account-rep situation.  However, that was nearly 3 months ago and I haven't seen any sign that it actually happened.  We'd love to have a contact that knows our portfolio and what we'd be looking to do in the next 12 months instead of getting contacted every quarter about discounts for products we already own.

                            Like mdriskell, I haven't removed myself from the sales distribution list because I like getting the notices on new versions on software, especially if I haven't been on Thwack in a while.  This is minor compared to the main complaint, but it seems as though there should be mulitple distribution lists, and in our accounts we can choose which we want to be a part of.  That way, if I want product updates but also want the e-mails about end-of-quarter pricing because it may let me get something I otherwise wouldn't afford, great.  But it may be that I just want the product updates, and allowing us to choose the message types we get might be helpful.  Just a thought.