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    Old Nodes still being Polled


      We recently installed NPM 10.1.3, and shortly after we had to change the host-name of the server.  This made things screwy with out SQL DB on the box. (Node information was not being displayed and nor could they be removed.)  We were instructed to create a new database in the Configuration Wizard and to rediscover our devices.  This worked as expected, so we detached the old Database from the SQL server.  We are still receiving Event notifications from nodes that were not discovered or added to the New DB.  These devices were discovered on the old DB.  They are workstations and laptops using DHCP, and we did not intend to monitor those (another reason we re-created our DB.)  I've checked in the DB itself and can't find any mention of these nodes.  I'm trying to avoid a complete rebuild, so I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for me.  Thanks in advance.