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    Error while exporting to PDF.


      We are running on v10.1.3 and i get "There was an error trying to export the page to PDF, please try again later. Export tp PDF failed. Err: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request." when tried to export to PDF. I also have a ticket opened with support. tried several different things they asked to fix this issue but none worked. (Ticket#252120). Is there anything being not done to fix this issue?

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          You are on the right path in working with support.  If they cannot figure it out, then they will escalate to Development.  We fixed many of the issues originally reported, but there may still be some out there.  

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            I'm seeing the same error on NPM 10.1.3 - was there a solution to this?

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                We have had an on-going issue with PDF exporting for months now.  Support suggested upgrading our NPM to the latest release and it should fix it.  It did not.  Our workaround use to be to access the main poller's web server directly instead of the normal method of accessing our additional web servers; however that workaround is now broken too.  We have a few unhappy customers right now because this feature hasn't been working for so long now.  We are really hoping that it will get resolved soon!

                Edit:  this is our environment:

                Orion Core 2011.2.1, APM 4.2.0, NCM 6.1, NPM 10.2.1, NTA 3.8.0, IVIM 1.2.0

                2 Additional Web Servers (ESX4 VMs) - Load-balanced behind pair of Barracuda 440s with SSL-offloading

                2 Pollers (ESX4 VMs)

                2 Failover Engines (ESX4 VMs)

                MS SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition Cluster (2 Active Nodes) running on Server 2008 R2 Std Edition - Physical Servers