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    Restricting write changes in IPAM


      I would like to find out if it’s possible to restrict write changes in IPAM. Ideally I would want to give all local contacts read access, and then only allow write access to sites that the local contacts manages. Is there anyway to do so?

      Current versions: SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.0, APM 4.0.2 SP1, IPAM 2.0, IPSLAMGR 3.5.1, NCM 6.1, NPM 10.1.2, NTA 3.7, IVIM 1.1.1

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          Yes. Go to Settings -> Manage Accounts -> Select a user and click edit -> Scroll to the bottom and expand IP Address Manager Settings -> Change IPAM Role to Read Only.

          We are currently working on features for more extensive account delegation so that a user can have read only role for specific subnets or groups but can have write credentials in their locally managed network.