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    CBQOS Never status


      4/29/11 11:12 AM4/29/11 11:08 AM
      Node status is Up.HSH-CLMB-2811-01.hsag.com4/29/11 11:11 AM4/29/11 11:10 AM
      Node status is Up.HSH-GNDL-2811-01.hsag.com4/29/11 11:12 AMnever
      Node status is Up.HSH-HNLL-2811-01.hsag.com4/29/11 11:12 AM4/29/11 11:09 AM
      Node status is Up.hsh-phnx-3925-01.hsag.com4/29/11 11:12 AM4/29/11 11:11 AM
      Node status is Up.HSH-QDCC-3845-01.hsag.com4/29/11 11:12 AM4/29/11 11:09 AM
      Node status is Up.HSH-TMPA-3845-01.hsag.com4/29/11 11:12 AMnever
      Two of my Cisco Routers are showing Last Received CBQOS Never status in NTA Traffic Analyzer Summary.

      Cisco 2811,  Cisco 3845

      I have enable CBQO with CLI commands

      snmp-server ifindex persist

      snmp mib persist cbqos.

      The other Routers do not have this problem. What am I missing?