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    Has anyone integrated the Athena  FirePAC into your Orion NCM?  Need some advice


      We are looking at purchasing the Athena product to help manage ACL's in our firewalls.  The product is able to be integrated into the Orion NCM and we are are looking for advice, guidance in the process.  

      1.  The documentation states that it is compliant with SolarWinds Info Service 1.0 (SWIS 1.0) and is not yet compatible with SWIS 2.0.  What do I lose not being able to use SWIS 2.0?

      2.  Has any used this product? Have you integrated it into NCM?  words of wisdom? Problems?

      I have posed the questions to SW technical support and they have not had a lot of experience with it and recommended turning to THWACK for support/help. 

      I am running the latest NCM.