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    Hyper9 SSH Collection

      The majority of data collected, processed and presented in Hyper9 Virtualization Manager comes from APIs available in Virtual Center or Unmanaged Hosts.   The Hyper9 product can supplement this data with 2 additional collectors, SSH and WMI.  This post addresses the questions of 

      1)  Do I need SSH collection?

      2)  How do I Configure SSH Collection?

      3)  What permissions/access is needed on the host for SSH collection?

      4)  What host versions support SSH collection?


      Do I need SSH Collection?

      SSH Collection is not needed for the majority of Hyper9 installs.  Over time more and more data has become available through virtual center making ssh less needed.  The one big exception is collecting performance from NFS data storage.  

      How do I Configure SSH Collection?

      SSH collection is configured by enabling the ssh collector and providing credentials for access to the hosts.  The first step is to set the "SSH Data Collection Enabled" property to true.  This property is under "Configure" -> "Advanced Setup" -> "System Properties".  

      Once SSH collection is enabled, credentials for the host(s) need to be added.  Navigate to the "Credentials" tab on the same screen and select "Add" to add host ssh credentials.  Select "Host/SSH" from the radio button options and enter the proper credentials.  Credentials are kept as a pool and tried against the hosts, so if your hosts have the same credentials then you only need to enter them once.  


      What permissions/access is needed on the host for SSH collection?

      The user/password combination provided needs to have SSH access to the host and sudo permissions.  The process will use SSH access to push a script onto the host.  Then sudo is used to run this script and start collecting data which will be reported on future Hyper9 collections.  

      If ssh acess / sudo permissions are not possible we do support a configuration which uses SU instead.  Please contact Solarwinds if this configuration is needed.  


      What host versions support SSH collection?

      SSH collection is supported in ESX 3.5 and later.  SSH collection is not supported on ESXi.