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    Upgrade Questions


      Hi All,

      There seem to be about 1000 documents related to performing an upgrade to this system. I hope someone can steer me to the doc's most critical to gettig me up to 10.1.1.

      Currently running NPM V9 SLX and IP SLA Manager. Also running a second poller at V9 SLX, SQL 2005.

      I've had no real smooth upgrades in the past and am afraid this one is not looking to good either. I know I have to do an interim upgrade but there are so many documents related to this that I can't find a clear-cut path to follow.

      Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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          OK, Finding some stuff.

          I am 9.0, can I just jump tp 9.5.1 then to 10.1.1 or do I need to go to 9.1 first?

          Looks like I can defer a SQL upgrade till after 10.1.1 is stable.


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              There is an upgrade doc in the customer portal under the license management page.  If you look at the section for Orion NPM, there should be this guide which has a flow chart and walks you through the upgrade paths you would need to take.

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              Hi rmmagow--

              The upgrade process is a bit complex, but Solarwind's Information Development has created a flow chart that simplifies the process if you follow it.

              Here is a The specified item was not found. that explains the fastest way to upgrade. Make sure to use the Start_Here pdf and follow the flow chart contained there. It will show you how to upgrade both NPM and any modules you have.

              Also, NPM 10.1.1 has two hotfixes. See this The specified item was not found. for more information.