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    Monitoring Enablence Trident 7 Platform


      I am new to the forum, but have been using Orion NPM for a few years.  We are using Enablence Trident 7 for some of our FTTH.  The problem that I am experiencing at this time is the T7 platform uses an internal IP Address scheme and one management IP Address.  The internal address scheme is not accessible to monitor so I am using the managment IP Address.

      For example the management IP Address is  If I put in a community name of public1.1.3 it will monitor one of the ONU's that is connected, but I am limited to one ONU because I can not use the same IP Address to setup a node within Orion NPM.

      Is there a way to monitor more than one community sting under one node, or to use the same IP Address some how with in Orion?

      Thanks for any help.

      Jack Wellman