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    Connect to a DS3200 Array


      Can the Profiler run on the same server as the LSI SMI S provider ?

      I am trying to add a array to the profiler but I get a error when I do the test " saying the default  " root/lsiarray13 " does not exist array not found

      Any help would be apprecited

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          Shouldn't be a problem with running the Profiler Server and the LSI (or any) provider on the same machine as long as the machine is spec'd out well enough.  Make sure the process is running, but my question is which version of the provider are you running?  The newer provider the CIM instance name is '/root/lsiarray13', but on the older 'legacy' provider, the instance name is '/root/lsissi11'.  You could try that and see what you get.


          Also, note that the ip address that you enter in the wrench icon in Profiler is that of the SMI-S provider, not the array itself.