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    Orion NPM 7.x and 8.x fails install - registry problem???


      I tried to install NPM 8.5 today but couldn't ever get it to complete correctly. The only options I get is to repair, remove, or add. I never get an install option. It's almost like it thinks SW is already installed. The remove option doesn't really do anything since there's nothing to remove, repair errors out, and add is blank. I have manually edited the registry for everything related to Orion, SW, Solarwinds, NPM, etc. and even though I do this I can't install. I have even went backwards to 7.8 because I had the physical disks but when I go to start the configuration wizard it errors out with 1610 - The configuration data for this product is                                corrupt. Contact your support personnel. Well we contacted support and after a few hours nothing was resolved. Does anyone know of any registry keys, etc that I missed so that it doesn't think that a version of SW is installed when I try.8.5? Any help would be great because I'm at my whits end.