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    Scheduled Sonar Update - Cannot selelct all interfaces!??


      I run a scheduled update sonar to ensure the topology etc is kept up to date.

      The problem is that when viewing the Nodes Changed list, you can select a single node and add it to the ignore list, or you can select all nodes and add to the ignore list.. but I dont want to ignore the Node, I just want to ingnore the Interfaces I have manually removed from monitoring.

      The page only allows you to expand the interfaces and select them one at a time - on some switches I have 300 interfaces (proprietary virtual, aal5, atm layer, atm subif) that I dont need to monitor. Across all nodes this amounts to 000's of interfaces.

      It is not usable in it current state, please let me have a work around to this issue. (sql workaround is fine short term)