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    HTML/ASP timeout with Coldfusion servers


      Hi there

      I'm having a strange issue which occurs only on IIS servers in conjunction with Coldfusion. Usually we do check a given server with ipmonitor on services, disk space and others, for which we set a Maximum Test Duration of 120 seconds. We check also web applications with a HTML/ASP monitor, which checks the application and checks if a given string is present on that page. With our default timeout of 120 secs the test is failing, status message 200, timeout. When you check that given page in every browser, the page is displayed immediately. If I increase the max test duration, then the monitor is fine: rtt: 130880ms; kb/s: 0.51; http: 200; size: 8.07 KB. Every other monitor on that given server has rtt of 2 to 14 ms.

      Anyone else having these issues? And where are they coming from?

      Regards, Christian