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    Orion website question


      Dear Thwackers,

      We have a large television displaying an Orion Network Atlas map of our Metro Area Network. When nodes in buildings have problem, the icon for the building gets a red blob, or the point to point link turns red - stuff like that. Very useful stuff.

      What I'd really like to know is if it's possible to make the web site dislpay a different map every 30 seconds (for example). Say, it would be cool if we could show our Metro Area Network for 30 seconds, then show each data centre in turn, then back to the Metro Area Network.

      As well as being useful, it would be more interesting to look at different maps during the day, instead of the same one all day long!

      Does anyone know if this can be done? We run Orion 9.5.1.



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          There have been several solutions suggested in the forums about how to do this.  If you use Firefox, you can install an add on called Tab Slideshow.  Open each map view in a different tab and then start the slideshow.  It will display each tab for however long you set it to before rotating to the next tab.  It's easy to install (and it's free.)

          Hope this helps!