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    Why does SolarWinds recommend hosting the Orion database seperately ?


      I have been running Orion for more than a year now and would like to co-locate the database and the Orion server on the same hardware.

      I haven’t found a good explanation for the following excerpt from the administrators manual (page 10)


      Orion NPM Requirements

      SolarWinds recommends installing Orion NPM on its own server, with the Orion database hosted separately, on its own SQL Server. Installations of multiple Orion NPM servers using the same database are not supported.



      The server that I deployed NPM + APM + IPSLA on is a very nice piece of hardware. It is a HP DL380 G5 with the following specs:

      • ·        Dual quad core Xeon @ 3.16Ghz
      • ·        32Gb Ram consisting of 8 x 4096 MB 667 MHz memory modules
      • ·        800+Gb of usable disk provided by an array controller configured like this:


      All in all this is not a shoddy box. I had the money and spent it!


      The system is not even breathing hard doing the job of my main polling engine + web server + alerting engine as you can see by the following stats taken from Orion monitoring itself:




      NOTE: The high CPU utilization was related to the 10.x update. The system is feeling much better now


      Even right now I have so much horsepower and disk space left over, I'm considering using it as my work mp3 server!



      So my question is this:

      Why does SolarWinds recommend separating the database away from the application?

      Some architectural considerations that might be the reason:

      • Separation of database from application in a 3 tiered application is considered the norm.
      • DBAs like to keep their toys separate from the application people
      • There can be some economies of scale achieved by running multiple databases on the same server. Sometimes.

      Note: 20+ years of IT operations tells me these are just platitudes