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    Orion Syslog Alert Actions


      Does anyone know if it is possible to auto-split log files based on alert actions in Orion Syslog similar to what can be done with Kiwi Syslog?

      Basically we would like to specify variables to the Alert Log File so that we can automate rolling our log files for specific devices.


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          Andy Ng

          Hi mdavis911,

          I remember that the actions allowed logging to a file for Syslog Viewer and the variables might be able to split the file..

          But when I check it up against the NPM Admin Guide on Pg. 219 (of NPM 10.0), then I noticed that it might not be possible...

          The following is the information extracted from the Admin Guide:

          Log the Message to a file

          Allows you to specify a file and a series of variables with which to tag Syslog messages sent to the file. Ensure you have already created the log file you want to use. The alert cannot create a file.


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              Thanks nding!  I did see that in the manual as well and had attempted to use variables as we did in Kiwi Syslog but was unsuccessful.  I may be able to figure out some method of work around.  We were hoping to leverage Orion for the Syslog events as well as our monitoring but we really require that we can roll log files so for now I guess we will keep Kiwi Syslog running as well.

              Thanks again for the reply!