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    Sensatronics Senturion support?


      We recently purchased a Sensatronics Senturion and I was trying to add it to IP monitor, but it didnt' detect any of the sensors.  We previously had an EM1, and that seemed to work fine with IPMonitor.  Is there anything I need to do, or does IPMonitor just not support this.

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          Hello pblosser03,

          My guess is that the Senturion uses different OIDs in order to get the values for temperature and humidity.  Were MIB files included with this Device?  If so, could you possibly open a new case online at http://www.solarwinds.com/support/ticket.  Once you get the email stating that a new case has been created, simply reply to it with the MIB file(s).

          Using these MIBs, we should be able to figure out what OIDs need to be used and then do 2 things:

          1. Provide you the OIDs that need to be used and you can use them with a Custom SNMP Monitor.

          2. Submit the OIDs as a Feature Request so that they can be hard-coded into the scans within a future version.


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