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    Event Suppression


      I began monitoring all interfaces on my Foundry Switches, and I checked the "Show Interfaces as unplugged instead of down" for all of my customer ports. Now, anytime somebody starts thier computer, or reboots, I get a notice that the interface is Up, and that the port has negotiated to 1G.

      I saw a few referances to this here, but the response I found was, "Why do that, don't monitor the interfaces." or "Hard set the speed."

      If we don't monitor them, we wont see statistics or if there are errors on the port. I need to maintain Auto Negotiate. Any ideas?


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          I have the same issue with ports that I must watch on Cisco switches. I checked the unplugged as well, but I still get events every time the interface comes up, and if it negotiates a bandwidth.

          I even created a custom field called "dowecare". I have the trigger set to dowecare equal to yes. The suppression is when "dowecare" equals no.  The problem, I think, is that I can only set the custom property to "0, 1, true, false", but in the event trigger, I only have the option of "yes, no". So my custom property setting of dowecare = false  never matches the suppression of dowecare = no.