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    Connection timeout. Job cancelled by scheduler


      I've been living my own little personal APM hell since upgrading my Orion to RC v10 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2. I'm running the latest version of APM 3.5 RC2, as well as RC2 for Orion v10 but my APM issues continue. I'm having a very difficult time with one template applied to a specific server in particular where I'm receiving the error "Connection timeout. Job cancelled by scheduler". I've also determined that new component monitors that are added to otherwise working templates are also failing. They mostly say "Initial Poll in Progress" forever. I have a lengthy case open (Case #152518) that outlines the troubles I've been encountering, as well as includes a few SolarWinds Diagnostics.

      If there's anyone on the Dev team who might be able to offer up some insight as to what might be causing these erroneous errors I'd love to hear from you. In case there was any doubt, yes these templates and monitors were all once working perfectly under APM 3.1 on my Windows Server 2003 Orion v9.5.1 machine.  Why they don't work now is anyone's guess.