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    Mass delete?

      I am fairly new to ipMonitor but thus far have been able to get through what I want to do. However, something that seems simple is just really giving me grief.

      I need to delete a bunch of monitors (WAN Miniport in this case). I search for WAN which returns all of the monitors I want to delete. However when I select more than one, the Delete button does not work. Is this by design? If so, how do I simply delete all of a certain type of monitor? I've fumbled through the Mass Edit feature but that doesn't seem to be the place either.



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          This appears to be a defect and I will take care of logging it.

          A work around would be to create a "Smart Group" that includes monitors that match what you are looking for.  Likely choosing the "Display name" property and entering "WAN" as the match will work. Then you will be able to select the monitors in the group and delete them all at once.

          Hope this helps!