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    Orion NPM 9.5.1 - Report Scheduler

      I have setup a simple report schedule to email and then print a Volume Report (Average Disk Space Used - Last 7 Days)  I have tested the NT and Orion credentials multiple times and know they are correct. 

      There is nothing reported in RunOrionJob.log except 2/5/2010 9:12:08 AM  Started Job-60429.OrionJob over and over again.

      So i took out the email part thinking that exchange was bucking against it, even with authentication to the SMTP server.  It won't print.  the job just sits there, it doesn't even go back to idle.  Nothing shows up in the print que.

      On a side note, email alerts work just fine using the same account and password.

      I have the webpage set correctly, i have it set to use Orion webpage authentication.  If i put something for NT authentication it fails saying error download web page from http://.... 

      If i do not put an NT account on the webpage tab it just sits there and says running but doesn't do anything.