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    turn off snmp

      We have all our devices locked down from snmp from only specific IP's , those are not any workstations.  Is there any way to turn off the first tab of putting in a specific hostname?  I was going to try to use your tool to keep track of all the different changes and just use it mainly as a config repository.  But i cannot get past the first tab of actually inputing a hostname that respods via snmp.


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          There currently isn't a way to bypass inventory, but you can just enable SNMP on your local workstation (or wherever you decide to install the tool).   Then, enter your local IP address or hostname for the inventory step.  You only have to do this once for each session.   Once you've gotten past this point, it won't ask you to do it again unless you change credentials or inventory settings.    That's how I typically use it as I'm creating new Config Change Templates.