84. SaaS-based Database Performance Monitoring for Open Source Systems

In this episode, Head Geek and overall database guru Thomas LaRock will lead a discussion of the newest addition to the SolarWinds database performance monitoring family, Database Performance Monitor (formerly VividCortex). Thomas will be joined by Hansel Akers, sales engineering team lead, to discuss how Database Performance Monitor (DPM) helps leading companies like Yelp and Sendmail deploy and optimize their open-source database applications. Thomas will talk about the differences between traditional database applications and modern applications built on microservices and open source systems, including no-SQL Databases. Hansel has worked with dozens of DPM customers and will share insights into how they use DPM from development through launch and production to ensure optimal application performance.

Database Performance Monitor is a SaaS-based solution supporting a variety of cloud and on-premises databases including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others. Hansel and Thomas will walk through the architecture of VividCortex, demo the product, and make some comparisons with DPA. They'll also hold a live Q&A session at the end of the episode.

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