Practical Examples Using the Orion API

Fear not! The Orion API is not a mystery. There’s no need to learn a whole new language – you already have most of the vocabulary yourself.

Kevin M. Sparenberg will provide a primer on what the power of the SolarWinds API offers and show practical things you can do with the Orion API immediately. Learn how using the API today may eliminate lost time and frustration tomorrow.

Full list of scripts shown in the video

  1.  Practical Examples: Authenticate 
  2.  Practical Examples: Unmanage Node 
  3.  Practical Examples: Mute Node 
  4.  Practical Examples: Update Polling Cycle 
  5.  Practical Examples: Set Interface to Unpluggable 
  6.  Practical Examples: Export Alerts 
  7.  Practical Examples: Import Alert 
  8.  Practical Examples: Export Modern Dashboard 
  9.  Practical Examples: Import Modern Dashboard 
  10.  Practical Examples: Export Modern Dashboard [Better] 
  11.  Practical Examples: Import Modern Dashboard [Better] 
  12.  Practical Examples: Update Node Custom Properties 
  13.  Practical Examples: Add Alert Note 
  14.  Practical Examples: Acknowledge Alert