It's Not the Network: But It's Still Your Problem

“The network is down.” No, it’s not, and you have the tools at your disposal to prove it once and for all. Once more, using those same tools, you can eliminate whole swaths of infrastructure while determining the one true root cause. During this session, Kevin M. Sparenberg and Chrystal Taylor show you how to use your monitoring to stop spinning your wheels and get to fixing problems. As frustrated as you are with a game of IT-blame hot potato, imagine how your end users feel.

Whether you have a fully on-premises infrastructure, a hybrid deployment, or you’re completely in a public cloud, it doesn’t matter: your goal is to help your customers get back to doing their jobs—regardless of which system is at fault. People probably won’t ever stop bemoaning the network as the culprit, but you can aid in troubleshooting where the problem truly exists instead of just banging your head against your cube wall wailing, “I swear it’s not the network” over and over again.