Discovering Observability: Session One

Charting a Course to Clearer Visibility

As a monitoring professional, you’re responsible for tracking the elements in your infrastructure – regardless of where they live. You have the metrics, you’re collecting the logs, and you’re tracing the most important business processes, so you already have the critical parts required for true infrastructure visibility. But correlating the data, detecting anomalies, and being informed when things go awry is the challenge. Knowing a value is outside a threshold is great, but does that constitute a problem? Thankfully, SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability is here to give you that next level of insight.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how Hybrid Cloud Observability can help you surface important information
  • Explain the difference between each Hybrid Cloud Observability scale
  • See how you can easily drill down and aid in root cause analysis
  • Easily transition from tools you already know to a strangely familiar platform

Charting A Course to Clearer Visibility

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