94. Best Practices for Monitoring Your End User Experience

Knowing if a server has high CPU is helpful, but does it really matter if your end users can still access their apps without performance issues? If you're only monitoring the server side, then you don't have a complete picture of your environment. End-user monitoring can be an extremely valuable tool—if you know how to you use it. Join Product Manager Katie Cole and Head Geek Patrick Hubbard as they dive deep into best practices for Pingdom®, the SaaS-based, end-user experience monitoring tool from SolarWinds.

Whether you're new to monitoring end-user experience, or you already use Pingdom and just want to make sure you get the most out of it, this is the right Lab episode for you.

As a bonus, Katie and Patrick will also provide a quick tour of what end-user monitoring looks like when it's integrated with infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, and log data