Automating Your Way Beyond Simple Incident Management

Does this sound like you and your service team? You're repeatedly struggling with requests falling through the cracks. The incidents are aging and affecting your resolution stats or SLAs. You're constantly short on time because the management of incidents feels like it outweighs the system's benefits. You never get to the actual work because requests and incidents steal your bandwidth. In this session, we'll give you the building blocks to automating your way out of ticket purgatory and getting back the most precious of resources: time.

Don't agonize over these challenges: you’re not alone because we hear similar mutterings all the time. Finding a service desk solution to lessen your load is key to avoiding frustration and burnout. SolarWinds Service Desk is an ideal solution for automating tasks like reminders and follow-ups, but it can do much more such as route tickets to the right teams quickly, prioritize the work, send out mass communications, and keep your organization moving forward—freeing up time for the bigger (and more fun) projects.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Understand and build automation rules in SolarWinds Service Desk
  • Explain time-based automations to your teams
  • Show off common yet helpful automation rules
  • Map out ways to use automation rules in your environment

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