APM's Evolution to Observability

The evolution of IT, the changing requirements for ensuring availability, the performance of critical applications, and the performance of the underlying infrastructure—no matter where it's running—are all part of the story of the application performance management (APM) story. Still, the transition and need for observability are much more than this.

The shift to observability includes delivering holistic business insights for full-stack infrastructure, applications, and data across on-premises and cloud environments, understanding the customer journey from start to finish, and becoming more proactive—taking action before issues arise.

During this session, we'll take you through the evolution of APM from a market perspective as hybrid and multi-cloud continue to grow. IT organizations are faced with newer technologies, which adds complexity, and modern and distributed applications are running as services across multiple locations. We'll also take you through the evolution of the SolarWinds© APM solutions, how they address today's requirements, and a peek into what's next.