Enhance UCS monitoring information.

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Native UCS monitoring is real weak. I've seen that nearly all who run solarwinds have shared their customization's here on thwack. Why not take these customization's into consideration and create something that's native to the software so that we don't have to be developers and create our own tools?


Right now in our instance. When we try to monitor a UCS manager according to SolarWinds KB. We can get it to connect to Cisco's API and pull down some data. However, on the list that shows the FI's and the chassis and blade information, here the blade information is incorrect. It's assigning KVM ip's instead of actual blade IP.


When we go into UCS manager we can see status and health of the blade. The same does not translate to the dashboard object that instead is giving me information for the KVM. We don't want information from the KVM we want information from the blade. I've seen this to be a common compliant on several pages here on thwack with people having to dig through MIB's to find the correct OID's to get the information they need such as blade information.


It shouldn't be this hard or involve this much effort for something so simple. This is why I want to put this feature request for voting.


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