Is there any feature in DPA which will analyze the system performance and pin point where the problem is in GUI mode ?

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Hi Team,


In DPA is there any feature which will analyze and pin point where the problem is in case of a system slowness or any application slowness..


Idea is to provide a GUI interface where it will show application layer, network, OS, DB all as connected Blocks - where whenver any system slowness will be reported DPA will show at which layer the problem is by marking it red and others as green....


it will also dig further by clicking on that component block ... say all network, OS and all showing green except the DB . On clicking on DB it will tell exactly which query or application is causing slowness instead of giving all queries stats.....This will help to isolate problems very quickly... Most of the time for anything / any bad system performance 1st DB team is asked to check what's going on at DB end - but it could be anything....OS, Network etc





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