Modify NPM Customize View page to allow dragging Resources up and down in the Customize View page, rather than clicking arrow to move one space higher or lower

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I realize that after a new View is created, NPM at 12.2 allows one to simply Edit the View with HTML5 using the "Pencil" in the upper left corner and drag Widgets (known as Resources in the creation of the View) wherever you want them.  That accomplishes the work I need to do.


But it doesn't let me quickly and easily modify the design at the start, at the Customize View page--especially when I might have a dozen or more Resources in a column.


The problem lies with the Up and Down and Right and Left arrow that let a person move Resources up and down in Columns, or right and left to other columns.


If I add a lot of Resources to a new View at once, I'm left wasting time moving each of them one place higher or lower or right or left.  That's clicks and reload/refresh time for every move of one place.


It's worse if there are a LOT of newly-added Resources to a new View.  Jockeying them around to the best spot would be more impressively done with drag & drop, as can be done once the page is completed via HTML5, using the Pencil / Edit Page function at the top left of the page.


Am I too Old School on this?  Or should I keep quiet and simply love the HTML5 drag & drop on the page after it's built?


Voting for this might just guarantee shiny new virtual budget increases for the voters!


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