Websites table usage with HA and Addtl WebServer

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Consider this a follow up with more issues with this table referred in Feature Idea Ensure Orion database tables have correct EngineIDs and WebsiteIDs so NPM can operate properly opened by aaguilar based on my support ticket Case # 1128094 - ReportJobs not showing data in email body.


Here is my environment:

  1. I have an HA pool with my main poller NodeA and IP address x.x.x.a, and a backup node named NodeB and IP address x.x.x.b
  2. My HA VIP is x.x.x.z.
  3. I have an "Additional Webserver" license on a node named NodeC and IP address x.x.x.c using a DNS CNAME which is the one used by my users to access the NPM web console.


Here are the other issues I found because of the Websites table:

  1. When HA fails over, emailed reports sent using the "Report scheduler" functionality fail because these try to pull information from the primary node in the Websites table (NodeA), instead of using the HA Active node from the HA pool. I should be able to see these emailed reports independently of which node is active in the HA pool. Every time the configWizard is executed, a new record is create with a new WebsiteID, not updating the websiteID in the ReportJobs table.
  2. URLs in the Alerts emails use the primary node in the Websites table (NodeA) instead of using the active HA Active node from the HA pool. This kills the Additional Webserver functionality when my users click on the links provided in emailed alerts because they open the MAIN POLLER (NodeA) interface. It should be able to use my Additional Webserver URL either NodeC, or my CNAME (


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