Schedule silencing of alerts while still monitoring

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It would be extremely helpful to schedule when alerts for a node can be silenced; such as for periodic reboots, CPU intensive jobs, maintenance windows, etc.  There may be a 4 hour maintenance window that a node could be rebooted in or all resources maxes out.  It is a known event and we do not want the email notifications, but still want the node to be monitored to obtain statistical data on it.


While kludgey, the unmanage scheduling utility comes close to doing this, but it completely stops polling the node, which then causes us to lose all information on the node during that time, such as when the reboot actually took place, or how long resources were used for.



It would be nice if the scheduling utility had the option to just mute alerts (like under a node's management section), or the alerting section of the NPM website had a scheduling section.





I found this post ( which indicates that it was implemented in version 12.1, but it's no clear how to use it or where it was implemented.  I submitted Case #1355911 to get additional instructions and was told this was only implemented in the older alert manager (win32 app), but this is not available in the newer versions of NPM with the alerting built into the web interface.  I was then directed to this forum.


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