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So we have a widget on the summary page of each node called "All Alerts this object can trigger". Sounds simple enough.

Well, I had an alert trigger on an interface of that node this morning. I went to the node and was going to modify the specific alert that got triggered, but it wasn't listed in there. Huh?


Apparently, it only looks at alerts the NODE itself can trigger and ignores the alerts that the interfaces can trigger.


To me, the interfaces of a node are also part of the node itself. Without the node, there would be no interface(s) to trigger alerts.


Can we have either:

1.) Add to the widget the alerts that any INTERFACES on that node can trigger?

2.) A separate widget that can be added that will display all the alerts the INTERFACES on a given node can trigger?



It's nice to be able to look at a node and see all the potential alerts that can be triggered by the node and/or interfaces of that node.


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