World Map automatic geolocation based on custom properties

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SolarWinds supports automatic geolocation but this is limited to using the SNMP Location field and it is not always possible for this field to be modified to suit the requirements for geolocation.


I suggest that the geolocation feature be customisable to allow custom properties to be used for the device locations (e.g. longitude/latitude).


SolarWinds suggest using the following process but this is still manual and requires an export/import of the custom properties each time. This process also does not allow the name of each location to be imported (sites show unknown).

Place objects into the map using custom properties


This new feature would automatically update the map if certain custom properties have values (or have had values removed). Examples include:

  • Newly added devices will be automatically added to the map if values are entered
  • Newly added devices won't be added if they don't have values entered
  • Devices will be removed from the map if their values are removed


This request also ties in to a similar request - allowing us to import the location name when importing the coordinates.

Import location name when importing coordinates directly to the worldwide map


(Sorry if there is already a feature request for this; I fail at thwack search if there is)


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