Simplify the process of adding multiple OID's or an entire table in the UnDP tool

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Obviously the UnDP tool is in need of an update.


Right now the work flow is that you have to find an OID on the table and one by one create a new UNDP poller for each object in the table that you want to poll.  You generally set the label field to the same column for all of them and then have to add a UNDP table resource to the view and edit it to include all of the other pollers that are on that same table.  The process is pretty clunky, slow, and is painfully repetitive.  There should be a way to add in pollers for an entire table all at once, or a check box UI where you can just check all the pollers you are interested in and have it create individual pollers for each of them with the default settings.  The UI right now only allows for one at a time operations but many of these could be useful in bulk such as creating pollers, deletings pollers, changing groups, and setting polling intervals.


I expect the tool will eventually get swallowed up into the Web UI but these are the kinds of things that should be taken into consideration whenever you do get around to reworking it.


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