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So, Solarwinds finally released the long awaited "Mute Alerts" feature in the last version

That's absolutely great, but there's an important feature that I feel should go hand in hand with it:


Add the ability to Group nodes by their "Is alert Muted" value, in the "Manage Nodes" page.


The Problem:

Currently, if you mute alerts for a number of nodes (let's say, for applying security patches and restarting part of your production servers whilst keeping your site live),

you have no easy way to view them all grouped together, in order to "un-mute" them when you're done, and you'd have to either look them up by name, or go through the whole list and its multiple pages.


The fact that the "unmute" indication is in the form of a comment following the node's status does not help...



The closest I got to this was sort by status, but as you can see - the actual status has got precedence (and so it should!),

and I would really like to have the option to just view all muted nodes in one go.


My Suggestion(s)


1. Grouping:

Would be great to have either another "Group By" option in the drop-down list, maybe something along the lines of "Is Muted".


2. Improve Visibility

It would also be nice to have a dedicated "led" state for this, so that muted nodes will pop out and will be easier and quicker to spot.

Maybe maintain the actual led color for the node's current status as it is, but add an "X" overlay (or anything else more self-explanatory...)

Fellow Thwack members - suggestions for this would be most welcome


* I've only given "Node" type entities as an example here,

but needless to say - this should apply also to "Manage Applications" in SAM and any other Orion product for that matter.


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