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So let me take you back to a time when IT was ....  OK never mind it was only a few years ago.  So my story begins with me trying to manage a broad network while my employees tried to maintain the staff of 1500 in 4 states and 68 locations.   We had a really good cisco admin but even he was tested from time to time.  working with video conferencing equipment and healthcare items you need to ensure proper bandwidth, and we noticed we had issues with video quality and at times sound issues. 


Welcome to the plate (baseball term) NTA.  We found a egress issue going to several of our dynamic VPN connections.  We had enough bandwidth we calculated but we didn't take in to account the fact they would use these PC's for other work as the company grew.   having many locations and tons of employees, that extra PC quickly because a admin portal to upload reports and download required documentation for the healthcare folks.  NTA didn't solve our issue per say but it identified the issue and allowed us to create policies, and improve bandwidth, because we know that in remote sites and in larger companies, by the time they agree to let the purpose built PC stand alone and do what its supposed to do, we will still have to support it the wrong way. 


There are so many good things you can get from NTA, I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to get a grip on their Bandwidth.


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