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There are two schools of thought, one that insists on using simple node names and the other that insists on using FQDNs, but mostly we suffer a mix of the two. The FQDNs often don’t fit into tables or maps cleanly, but here’s always a chance of conflict when using a short name.


A way of resolving the issue is to separate the two items with one property representing the node’s short name and another representing its domain. Sometimes DNS returns a short name & sometimes a FQDN, SNMP returns the short name & sometimes its hand entered either way. What would be ideal is for Orion to work out where the break is and allocate the data to the two parts. So we could end up with a field containing MyServersName and another field with


Once they are always separated they could be used individually to group a particular domain’s assets or to produce simpler maps and tables or appended to re-create the FQDN. At least names would always be consistent rather than the random mix that we suffer from at the moment.


So, the request is for an additional field and, more importantly, the ability for Orion to work out the two parts of the FQDN automatically.


See the threads below for additional background:


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