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How cool would it be that when someone won a weekly challenge, or monthly, they could win their choice at the discretion of the board moderators, of an item also from the thwack store, like socks, shirts, backpacks, cups, mini fridge etc.   kind of like a spin the wheel and you get a 5000 point prize or higher.  or give them the opportunity to keep the points and save it for something greater but if they keep the points show them what the could have won.   Like maybe they lose out on a 10,000 point item but they get to keep their 5000 points? 


I mean how cool would it be to play a new Oculus in your brand new Thwack socks? leaning on your thwack pillow, oh yes they exist....  in your thwack snuggie ( which i got for my wife, and its awesome) while sipping from your thwack store mug.   Like loot crate or geek box only for Solarwinds thwack winners, and one time only?


DanielleH, wabbott


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