Enhancement request for  .xlsx reports.

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.XLS is 1997 and 2003 extension. The fact that SolarWinds uses this for their converter is almost like saying SolarWinds is living in the stone age. .XLSX is the new standard and does not have the character limit we hit when trying to run large reports. It's understandable if development chose to use the old format to reduce resources. However, in our case we have a robust system that can support extra resource pull without taxing the system too heavily.


This would enhancement is mainly for companies with large environments such as ours that require large reports. Being limited to a character limit means we have to divided our reports into multiple reports just put it back together manually in Excel. Way to much work for something that's supposed to be easy.


It's a powerful tool for our small reports. But not useful for our large reports.  Lets move out of the stone age and bring NPM reporting to the new age of monitoring. It's really an enhancement we believe would add much more value to NPM.


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