Pay Attention, Dude

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In my experience, IT is a detail oriented field.  The one who notices that the setting is actually set to B, and it needs to be set to A in order for it to work.  Having spent as much time as I have in this field, I believe there is a lack of recognition for "Little things".  For example:  I was working for a company that suffered from Slow Internet-itus.  The common complaint of "Ugh, this is sooooooo s-l-o-w".  I took the initiative to contact the Internet provider, turns out no one had done that for many years.  The provider was able to double their speed, for $15 less per month.  The only reason I discovered that was I took the time to ask, I payed attention to the complaints and checked to see if I could do anything about it for little or no cost.


What simple things have you found that others overlooked?  How did that have an impact on the organization you were working for?


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