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Personal Contact groups within Thwack

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I'd like to be able to create groups I can refer to in postings here on Thwack. 

Like various other people on here, sometime you refer to or mention the same group of people on a regular basis. 


What if you were able to create your own "distribution" groups so that you only have to refer to a single entry and it gets split out into the post.


It would be similar to an email DL or contact list in outlook. 


Of course there are some obvious groups I can see being set up:

Global groups

@HeadGeeks ( all the Head Geeks)

@thwackGoddesses (The Thwack community management team)

@MVPs (all the MVPs)


Then individually we can create our own that refers to a group of people we mention on a regular basis or drag into a thread for effect.

I know cahunt , wluther, and familyofcrowes would find it useful...


Please "bump it up and vote it up".


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