Modify Thwack's "Latest Acclaim" notification to include time stamps

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Sometimes I see people have liked some of my comments or replies to Thwack stories or queries.  When I open the Latest Acclaim notifications, I'd love to see the date and time stamp of each positive response.


Is that possible--perhaps even not too difficult to accomplish?


The benefit to Thwack members is saving them the time of having to click on each acclaim and review what was said and liked.  Perhaps most folks can remember which acclaims they've reviewed, but life's so hectic for me that if I see one new acclaim on top of several older ones (which I've already reviewed), I typically have to open them all to see what they were about.


I wouldn't need to do that if I could remember every time I go to a particular page--or if the time stamp of those acclaims were on each line.


Maybe you'd save some time, too, with this feature request?


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