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I have an idea:


What if any time there is a query or chart or report that could be derived through the SWQL studio or otherwise, (going forward) a link is provided next to any particular item that says SEE THIS AS A SWQL QUERY  .




In this thread showing the baseline chart: interface baseline chart / stats table  have a question mark at the top that you can click on to either see: see this SWQL query or "see this query" or something along those lines? This would be incredibly valuable if it were to expose parts of the solarwinds interface - as this would also expose the calculations for queries. Maybe any time there's a chart on a page the top of the chart would expose the query?  This might be just much a SDK thing as an NPM thing in general, but it could be incredibly invaluable for custom sql queries/custom reports/etc.  Maybe as an option that can be allowed for admins so that not everyone would see it? From a legacy permissions perspective, maybe tie it into the view customization permissions?


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