Built-in Ratings System To Identify Difficulty Level Of User Processes And Procedures

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Since I have joined Thwack Nation, I have read countless posts from other users, describing how to do this, and make that, and fix the other thing.

Over time, I have bookmarked, followed, and implemented many of the ideas and suggestions I have found.


In the mindset of a total SolarWinds noob, or, as I like to call it, just the other day, I wanted a way to instantly know, if the content I was reading was below, even, or above my expertise, and/or paygrade. Over the years, as I have become more familiar with our SolarWinds environment, I have learned a great deal, at least in regards to how the system(s) work(s) on a fundamental level. I feel I know my limits when I see them, and I am able to identify those few thing I actually know, as well as, and more importantly, being able to identify and acknowledge when I do not know something.


Somewhere, buried deep within my jibber-jabber and rambling, the purpose of this feature request exists...


I think having a system to apply difficulty ratings/levels to user content and procedures, would be extremely helpful, both to those new to Thwack Nation, as well as the veteran members that have been here since patrick.hubbard rode his dinosaur to work, in the snow, uphill, both ways...


I have used various ratings systems, on other forums in the past, and it was a very useful tool for prioritizing my planned modifications.


In one of my most recent document, Make ALL Links, In A SWQL Custom Query Resource, Open In New Tabs By Default , I decided to give it a try.

Now, I know it is probably not using the ideal set of criteria, though, I think it conveys the point well enough.


If this feature was implemented, users would be able to search, sort, filter, etc... documents/content exchange more efficiently, and have a very detailed understanding of what it is they are about to jump into...

Simply looking at the content for the document in the link above, you can instantly see the level of experience required by the user, to implement to change, as well as an estimate of how long the process should take.


Example (as seen in the link above)





  1. Youngling (Easiest/Most Basic; no coding experience required, no config wizard required, no system restart required, no system downtime.)
  2. Padawan (Easy/Basic; no coding experience required, possible config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/no downtime.)
  3. Jedi Knight (Moderately Difficult/Advanced; some coding experience required/recommended, config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/short duration downtime.)
  4. Jedi Master (Most Difficult/Advanced; advanced coding experience required, config wizard required, system/services restarts required, 30+ minutes downtime/maintenance window recommended, and other things that I do not even know I would need to know, required...)



If these fields could be embedded in the editing toolbar for the main content/post (or even something similar to how/where you have to pick the forum to create the post in), then users could easily select the one that best fits the criteria.

This would allow users to easily identify projects they should do, and those they should stay away from, at least until they are ready...



Well, I think I have made this short post long enough...



Thank you,




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